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Mountie sues RCMP

A Moncton Mountie is taking the RCMP to court, seeking almost $2 million in damages.

The civil trial started Wednesday and is scheduled to last three weeks, with Moncton Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Zoël Dionne presiding.

Jerry Belong is suing the Attorney General of Canada and former J Division Commanding Officer Tim Quigley for $1.98 million.

Some of the specific damages being sought are $254,000 for legal fees, $200,000 for loss of overtime pay, $100,000 for loss of tactical team pay, $100,000 for loss of promotions, $100,000 for loss of reputation and $1 million in punitive damages.

The trial is the latest chapter in Belong’s lengthy legal battle.

He was charged with sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm and uttering a threat towards a woman, with the incidents alleged to have occurred in November 1999 and January 2000.

Belong stood trial in fall of 2000 and was convicted on all three charges. In February 2001 he was given a conditional sentence that included 10 months of house arrest.

Later that year, the complainant in the case came forward and recanted the allegations made against the RCMP officer.

She later testified before a judge that the crimes did not occur.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Roger McIntyre denied Belong the right to appeal his convictions based on the complainant recanting, but Belong took the case to New Brunswick’s Court of Appeal, which ruled he could make an application for a new trial.

Queen’s Bench Justice Roger Savoie heard the application and instead of ordering a new trial, acquitted Belong on all three counts.

In October 2004, the female complainant pleaded guilty to giving contradictory evidence.

Belong’s convictions, though later reversed, caused problems for him as an RCMP officer and at various times he was suspended, fired and on sick leave.

He has only worked approximately three years since the initial investigation into the complaints made against him, though he did resume his RCMP duties three months ago.

Among the plaintiff’s claims are that the original RCMP investigation into the allegations against him was negligent, the RCMP abused its internal disciplinary procedures and the defendants conspired to injure the plaintiff’s career and reputation.

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2 Responses

  1. Am I reading this right?
    That; A Moncton Mountie is taking the RCMP and the Attorney General of Canada to court, seeking almost $2 million in damages?

    The civil trial started Wednesday and is scheduled to last three weeks. So where are the updates?

    (RCMP member) Jerry Belong is suing the Attorney General of Canada and former J Division Commanding Officer Tim Quigley for $1.98 million.

    I bet the RCMP Commanding Officer of ‘J Division’ Quigley is not very happy with this news.

    Reading the article; I’m lost for words as to how the media spun this leaving the details of the offence silent and I’m wondering if this is common practice still in reporting the RCMP apparent blunders to the public.

    Is this not the case that was investigated by a Moncton Detective which landed him a promotion in Halifax, NS and also because his father in law’s from Shediac was connection to the Conservative party in NB?

    Anyways maybe someone in here with connections can shed some light maybe DT can help us understand this unusual but troubling Moncton, NB civil case.

    If this is the case that finally got to court; what I heard happen was that the complainant was this man’s wife and also a Moncton RCMP member from the same force, RCMP Codiac, who with the help of an Investigator brought the accusations that led to the the officer’s demise and as a result he lost his wife, children, house and everything he owned.

    Then she came forward and said; it wasn’t true.

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    Poor Performance Reports2011.03.7 @ 10:47
  2. Sounds like another off with his head story.

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    Deepthroat2011.03.5 @ 01:10
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