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RCMP officers merit more than perjury charges

Arline McFarlane (Opinion, Vancouver Sun) – Special prosecutor Richard Peck has only added to the injustice suffered by Robert Dziekanski.

How could he have not seen what the rest of us saw in that video of Robert’s death?

Four burly RCMP officers did nothing to assist the disoriented man who could not speak English and who had been wandering the airport for hours.

Could those four officers not have found someone to assist who could speak Polish, instead of ganging up on him, resulting in his death?

This is probably the worst example of why the RCMP has lost credibility with the Canadian public.

We know there are wonderful RCMP officers, but when four members are exposed in this fashion they should not just be given a slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, there have been several other examples of RCMP brutality with little or no repercussions. Canadians need a police force they can trust implicitly, especially when one of their own uses unnecessary force while hiding behind his RCMP badge.

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