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RCMP make changes after public inquiry

Don Lawson ( – The RCMP have adopted all nine recommendations from a public inquiry into the 1999 death of Darren Varley.

He was shot by Constable Mike Ferguson, at the Pincer Creek Detachment cells, after tying to reach Ferguson’s service pistol.

The recommendations include better training in the use and limitations of their holster, as well as training on handgun retention techniques. All service weapons should be locked up before a suspect is taken out of a police vehicle, or has their handcuffs removed.

Varley was shot while struggling with Constable Ferguson, as the two were alone in the holding cell area of the Pincer Creek Detachment.

The full report is available on the Alberta Justice website.

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Categories: Death While In Custody, Excessive use of Force, External Reviews, Senior Management, Shoddy Investigations.

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  1. CPC report on Bush:
    “Mr. Bush’s death was investigated by the RCMP’s “E” Division North District Major Crime Unit based in Prince George, British Columbia. After carefully considering the details of the investigation, I concluded that the North District Major Crime Unit conducted a highly professional investigation into Mr. Bush’s death and exemplified the best practices for major crime investigations. In addition, the investigation into Mr. Bush’s death was conducted in a timely manner and free from any manner of conflict of interest, bias or partiality.”

    Seems the civilian agency disagrees with you. Do some research.

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    Deepthroat2011.04.28 @ 22:47
  2. It pretty much sounds like a carbon copy of the Ian Bush Case in Houston BC. But the RCMP learned how to protect That officer much better By tutoring him for days before the investigation even started.

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    grumpydigger2011.04.27 @ 17:05
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